Angel Locsin and Neil Arce spotted at the wake of Loisa Andalio’s grandfather.

Angel Locsin and Loisa Andalio has developed a tight bond. The two actresses worked together in ‘The General’s Daughter’, Angel Locsin is Rhian Bonifacio and Loisa Andalio is Claire de Fierro. They have been inseparable since! They were spotted attending few parties together including Dimples Romana’s birthday party. They treat each other as sisters, in fact, Angel Locsin fondly calls Loisa her ‘Bunso.’ They always exchange sweet messages online, leaving sweet comments on each other’s Instagram posts.

Angel Locsin has always been so supportive and loving to her friends. She treats them as family just like how she treats Loisa Andalio as little sister. Just recently, Loisa has sadly lost a family member and as what families do, Angel Locsin made time to show condolences to her little sister in the industry.

Angel Locsin together with her fiancè Neil Arce visited the wake of Loisa’s grandfather. Few photos of Angel Locsin and Neil Arce at the wake were posted online, one of Loisa’s fa…

“MARAMING SALAMAT,” a hairstylist tells Angel Locsin on a random appreciation post

On a recent Instagram post, Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin revealed that she refused to renew her ABS-CBN contract because of her wedding preparations. Angel and Neil’s wedding is set to happen this year but the couple has yet given us specific details about their big day. This gained mixed reactions from fans hoping to see the actress again reign on the small and big screen after her wedding.

Just like her fans, this might probably one of the reasons why her stylist, Nante Alingasa, went emotional on Instagram posting some of the actress’ photos with the caption:

“Appreciation post: MARAMING SALAMAT @therealangellocsin

This made Angel a little worried and quickly replied, “K ka lang, teeeeeeeh? labyu.”

Locsin, also known as someone who is humble and kind to everyone, also recently shared sentiments on the attempts to block ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal citing its heavy impact on the welfare of thousands of employees behind the camera whom she always considered her fam…

Edu Manzano supports Angel Locsin’s stance on ABS-CBN Franchise controversy

Celebrities are usually advised mum on political issues but there’s no stopping Angel Locsin from speaking her mind and making a stand. She is among the few ones who speak out against ABS-CBN’s feared shutdown highlighting the welfare of thousands of workers at stake if the license to renew of their home network’s broadcast franchise will be totally revoked.

On Instagram, Angel stressed on the jobs of thousands of employees behind the scene, from cameramen to members of production crew, which are now at risk because of the ABS-CBN’s broadcast franchise issue.

After paying tribute to the people who will be heavily affected if ever the company closes, some questioned her support for ABS-CBN's franchise renewal which she addressed point by point via Instagram post. She wrote:

“I saw some posts and been reading accusations that were thrown at me for speaking up for what I think is right. Just to clear things up,
1) I am not part of any political party, nor representing any politician…

‘Money is not everything,’ Angel Locsin tells detractor questioning her support for ABS-CBN

Angel Locsin is known to be someone who speaks her mind and fight for what she believe is right and she’s not someone who will just keep mum on things that matter. In the last two weeks, the actress has been proactively expressing her support to her network, ABS-CBN and its pending franchise renewal.

Because of the support she’s showing for the network, detractors are now targeting her and maligning her intentions for speaking up. In a post the actress made on her Instagram account, Angel Locsin made time to explain all the accusations about her that she has been reading online “I saw some posts and been reading accusations that were thrown at me for speaking up for what I think is right”

“Just to clear things up, 1) I am not part of any political party, nor representing any politician.” the actress wrote.

The actress reiterated that she doesn’t have an existing contract with the network and they have no control with whatever she posts “I do not have an existing contract with ABS-CBN…

A closer look at the Salazar siblings’ Achievement wall!

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of the best if not the best movie about families ever created. It’s timeless storyline stays relevant until today almost 7 years after it premiered. At present, we surely has rewatched the movie so much that we can recall a scene in the movie at the back of our mind.

Aside from the relatable scenes, one of the most popular thing in the movie is the siblings’ achievement wall.

It is where all the Salazar siblings’ achievements were displayed and looking closely to Mama Grace’s crowning glory that catches every guests attention whenever they pay a visit at the Salazar household, it can be observed that these siblings are quite an achiever.

All the Salazar siblings graduated from the same high school - the fictional Astra Academy of Manila where their Mom serves as the Principal. Each of them also graduated as valedictorian in their respective batches, except of course for Alex, who is not the most academically inclined.

Teddie Salazar, the eldest of th…

“Ako naman makakapanlibre sayo sa next date natin” Dimples Romana to Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana continue to win in life. Their careers continue to flourish and grow. After transferring to Kapamilya network, Angel Locsin has had blockbuster movies, successful and phenomenal TV shows and a lot of endorsements. Dimples Romana is no different as she continues to star in various TV series that made her one of the most well-known second lead.

Dimples Romana’s recent character, Daniela Mondragon of Kadenang Ginto was a huge success and it earned her a lot of endorsements.

On a recent post she made on her Instagram account announcing a new endorsement, Angel Locsin left a comment and wrote “Inaraw araw mo mars ha!” Dimples Romana then replied to her bestfriend and promise to treat her the next time they go out on a date “Ako naman makakapanlibre sayo sa next date natin Mars. Basta wag mo akong I ninja moves sa bayaran ha.”

Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana’s friendship are what most of us would want for ourselves; pure, genuine and loving. Stories on how …

One happy fan! A fan gets overjoyed after bumping into Angel Locsin at a shopping mall!

At least once in our lifetime, we had that moment picturing ourselves meeting someone we admire the most. Imagining what it’s like to be with them in the same room, breathing the same air. But what if it suddenly becomes a reality? That all of a sudden the person you once wished to meet is already right in front of you? It sure is a dream come true!

It is not all the time that you’ll get to see a superstar like Angel Locsin at a shopping mall and it must be really overwhelming especially if you’ve been looking up to her for years just like a twitter user who goes by the name Jan.  On his post, he narrated how surreal the feeling was after meeting Angel Locsin.

“Hindi ko malaman ang gagawin ko nung nakita nmen si Angel Locsin.

Nakakaiyak siya na ewan! Grabe!!! Ang tagal kong pinag pray na makita to sa personal. I never expected na makakasalubong ko siya sa mall.

Sobrang bait mo tlga @143redangel.”

He also thanked the actress for granting their request to have a picture with her.