Watch out for Angel Locsin's heart to heart interview on MTRCB Uncut this Friday, June 25th!

Angel Locsin has had hundreds or even thousands of interviews her entire showbiz career and yet every time she speaks her mind and shares her wisdom in a new interview, she never fails to impress the viewers with her thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on a certain topic. She has always been honest and open even though the topics are really sensitive just like that one time she opened up about her back injury.

This Friday, we can once again pick on our real-life Darna's mind as she goes unfiltered, uncensored, and uncut on MTCRB Uncut, an online show produced by the Movie and Television Review Board that aims to showcase unseen, uncut, and unfiltered sides of the industry's most prominent stars and faces.

Prominent as the key word, we all know that Angel Locsin is one of the most well-known personalities in the country. She has made a lot of amazing shows and movies that became immensely successful and has become a part of the country's pop culture.

Angel Locsin is not at all defined by her projects alone, she has made a mark in the industry so much so in the hearts of the Filipino people. She is the country's real-life Darna who tirelessly help those who are in need just like one of the most prominent characters she's ever portrayed, MTRCB even dubbed her as "Anghel ng Masa" on their recent post.

Don't forget to watch out for Angel Locsin in this exciting interview which is going live this Friday, June 25th 1 PM on their YouTube channel!

Source: Facebook

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