Darna to the rescue! A closer look to the sleeping tents for our health workers provided by Angel Locsin, Neil Arce and team!

On her Instagram account, Angel Locsin with her fiance Neil Arce and their team launched a "Donate a Bed" project. They aim to source out spare beds from their industry friends which will be used in the sleeping tents for health workers that they are going to set-up.

A day after they collected the beds, the team began setting up the sleeping tents and after two days of hard work, they are able to turn-over the fully furnished sleeping tents to Taguig's local government unit.

If you are wondering how the sleeping tents look like from the inside or how the security and sanitation on the area works, Niña Aquino, one of the volunteers who helped setting up the tents gave some details about that matter on her Facebook account.

According to Aquino, there are receptionist with complete PPE to facilitate registration. There are also security guards roving 24 hours to ensure safety and tents will be disinfected and and will be cleaned regularly.

Social distancing is strictly implemented and everyone is required to wear mask. It is a great spot for our health workers to take their much needed rest after long hours of work as it was made as homey as possible by a known events stylist, Gideon Hermosa.

"Darna to the rescue to our health workers. Eto yung lugar na sobrang makakapag relax ang ating mga health workers after duty, from the ambience sa labas dahil sa tanaw ang laguna lake. Tas kung kailangan na nila magpahinga eto naman ang tutulugan nila, air conditioned, sanitized at very instagrammable ang set up ( style by: Gideon). Ang mga receptionists na sasalubong sa ating health workers very accomodating and lively  . At syempre para na rin sa kanilang safety, siniguro ni Angel na sila ay naka complete PPE’s. For security: 24hours may roving guards sa buong area. For sanitation: makakasiguro din na po na ang mga health workers ay safe. May schedule for disinfection and cleaning everyday. Strictly implemented ang social distancing at wearing mask. Salamat sa real life hero ng mga pinoy Angel Locsin" the caption reads.

Angel Locsin really is literally a living Angel, a real-life Darna. Whenever the country needs help, she's always one of the first ones to make a move.

Thank you Angel Locsin, Neil Arce and team! Your efforts to help our health workers champion this battle is greatly appreciated!

Source: Facebook


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