Almost 200 awards and recognitions, 43.5M total social media followers, 9 TV series peaked at #1 and more! A rundown on Angel Locsin's impressive records through the years!

Angel Locsin has been in the showbusiness for almost two decades now and in that span of years, she has achieved so much in her career and made records that's hard to beat.

From being someone who was once unknown to the country, Angel Locsin made waves after she was given an opportunity to showcase her talent and lead her own TV show Mulawin back when she was just 19 years old. Mulawin became her stepping stone to stardom and one project after another, she became the icon that we know she is today.

Angel Locsin has impressive records on her ledger and just recently, a fan dedicated her time to list them all! For the past years, the actress has starred in 11 TV series, 9 of which peaked at number 1 on TV ratings despite the timeslot.

She also starred on 8 Maala-ala Mo Kaya special features and her first one entitled "Pilat" earned her her first Best Actress award! Her TV projects soared high that some of it had sequels, remakes, or movie adaptation like Lobo which prompted the birth of the moonstone trilogy, Mulawin which was turned into a movie and had a sequel, and The Legal Wife which inspired the creation of the movie My Illegal Wife. Her performance in these TV series earned her 31 acting awards on TV and a nomination as best actress in International Emmy's for her stellar performance as Lyka in Lobo.

The actress just doesn't conquered TV but also the big screen, all throughout her career she top-billed 16 movies so far with a combined gross of 1.5 Billion pesos and like her TV shows, the success of these movies prompted the birth of a hollywood remake, TV adaptation, and a prequel. She also received recognitions for her impeccable portrayal in these movies one of which is an international recognition from Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

Angel Locsin is not only defined by her acting career, she's also known as a volunteer, humanitarian and philanthropist. Over the past years, she has spearheaded a lot of relief efforts and few fundraising campaign to help the community and all her efforts did not go unnoticed, she received 41 recognitions from various organizations honoring her humanitarian efforts one of which is a recognition from Forbes Asia as one of the 30 Heroes of Philanthropy last 2019.

She has done so much in just a small period of time and her achievements, the records she made, the characters she made iconic and legendary, and her humanitarian efforts will forever be remembered and celebrated no matter how long its been or how many years will pass by!

Source: Twitter

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