Angel Locsin, a fearless Filipina who dared to be different!

“The Future is Female,” this statement which started decades ago has been spotted on shirts and spaces all over the world, it's been quoted in some movies, TV shows, and has been used by politicians, mostly women, to reiterate a point. Women are more powerful than they get credit for. In this day and age when everyone has the freedom to speak, lead, and live the life they wanted, we see women rise above the occasion and persevere to make their voices heard fearlessly.

This March, in celebration of women's month, you can be inspired to be fearless through the newest released book entitled "Fearless Filipinas:12 Women Who Dared To Be Different" that features the stories of the most successful Filipinas in the world across a wide variety of fields, including business, media, science, sports, academe, entertainment, arts, and more. It was a collection of stories of fearless Filipinas who provide insight on how to succeed as a female leader, empower other women leaders, develop grit and resilience, overcome sexism, harassment, and other women-centric issues, and more.

One of the 12 Filipina women who shared their inspiring stories is none other than Ms. Angel Locsin! On her instagram account, the actress expressed how grateful she was to share her story.

"In Fearless Filipinas: 12 Women Who Dared to Be Different, I’m grateful for the opportunityto share my story recalling some experiences when I started out in the industry and the challenges that I had to go through. Together with the other “Fearless Filipinas” featured in this book, I hope this encourages women of all ages to believe in themselves that they can achieve anything."

It sure is a book for everyone especially those who needs courage and inspiration to see the world the way these 12 Filipinas see it. You may pre-order your copy at

Source: Instagram


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