16-year-old fan shows admiration to Angel Locsin through an inverted art!

Ever since Angel Locsin donned the Darna costume way back 2005, people can’t seem to forget her performance as one of the most loved superheroes in the country because of her impeccable acting and heart-stopping execution of the action scenes. The actress has actually been tapped to portray the said character for the second time around way back 2014 but unfortunately, things did not go as planned, she had to let go of the project due to health reasons.

The actress turned over the project with so much optimism and overflowing support to her successor but even to date, people still associate her to the superhero mostly because she embodies a real-life superhero who’s always ready to help at times of crisis. Over the past decade, the actress has reportedly donated approximately 15M pesos to various causes. She makes sure to personally visit areas hit by disasters man-made or natural. She’s not just bringing them relief goods, she’s also painting a smile on their face every time she shows up to personally check on the displaced.

For this reason, people never hesitate to show their appreciation and admiration to the actress on their own way just like a 16-year-old artist Mary Ann Yu Lao who drew an inverted art for Angel as Darna.

The artist shared a time-lapsed video on how she created the magnificent art with which she uploaded on her Instagram and Tiktok account. Angel Locsin saw the artwork and was amazed by it.

There are a lot of amazing artists in the country  who are showing their admiration and appreciation to Angel Locsin through their amazing works. You may check out some of their works on Angel Locsin’s official Facebook page!

Watch the video here:


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