A promise of a brighter future! Iba ‘Yan team showers Alonzo family with surprises!

Michael and Angela are two of the five visually-impaired individuals featured on Iba Yan’s 6th episode. They both are partially blind and can only see with their right eye.

Growing up, Angela did not experience bullying as she grew up in a community of visually-impaired individuals.

Unlike Angela, Michael was bullied growing up because of his disability. People made fun of him, pick a fight, and even to the point of hurting him physically. He however always chose the high road and let all these bullying pass. Thanks to school for the blind, he regained his self-confidence and was able to showcase his talent.

Michael and Angela are making a living to support their four children as massage therapists but as we all know, the pandemic has put most if not all jobs in halt due to certain protocols and restrictions. The couple admitted that they were badly affected by the pandemic that they sometimes result to asking for food on the streets.

Thankfully, they were one of the beneficiaries of Social Amelioration Program (SAP) from DSWD. They used the money to start a small business, a fruit cart where they sell apples and lemons.

As expected, team Iba Yan did not come empty handed and showered the family with surprises! In coordination with the city government of Taguig and Mayor Lino Cayetano, one of them will be given an opportunity to work as staff in the City Social Welfare Development, they will also receive additional Php5000 for their fruit cart, a direct supplier of fruits through the help of West Bicutan Vendors Association, a spot in Taguig’s Mobile Market and a new cart loaded with fruits for them to sell from team Iba Yan! The team also gifted their son a brand new Ipad which is very necessary for his online classes this coming school year!

Iba Yan’s overwhelming surprise doesn’t stop there as the team invites the family at the Asian Eye Institute for their check-up. After the favorable result of their check-up that qualified them for an operation to be able to see again, through the help of Iba Yan, Frontrow cares will shoulder their operation!

With all these blessings from team Iba Yan and their affiliations, the future is indeed bright for the Alonzo family, literally and figuratively.

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