‘I’m nowhere near from being a billionaire but…’ : Angel Locsin reacts to being named as ‘Hero of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia.

Angel Locsin has yet again made headlines in various news portal and micro-blogging sites as she was hailed as one of the 30 Heroes of Philanthropy by the prestigious international business magazine, Forbes Asia.

Angel Locsin was recognized as one of the 30 most generous charity donors in Asia Pacific alongside other business tycoons who have made a difference in addressing social issues across the region.

Aside from being a great actress, Angel Locsin is known for her humanitarian efforts during natural or man-made crises in the country.

It was just last month when she was spotted at a store doing grocery shopping and buying hygiene kits that is reportedly for their relief operation.

Forbes Asia mentioned that the actress donated 1 million pesos and distributed truckloads of relief supplies to affected residents in the quake-hit areas in Mindanao.

It was also revealed that the actress has donated as much as 15 million pesos to various causes over the past decade that helped roughly 500 families hit by the country’s largest disasters.

On her twitter account, Angel Locsin reacts to being named as ‘Hero of Philanthropy’ by Forbes Asia and wrote “I never thought @ForbesAsia would ever mention my name, lol. Thank you!”

“Filipinos have always been known for “bayanihan”. I’m nowhere near from being a billionaire, but I try my best to do my part in my own little way” she added.

The actress also hopes to inspire others through this recognition and wrote “I hope this would inspire other people to help as well.”

This recognition only proves how a genuine heart goes a long way. She may be nowhere near from being a billionaire unlike other business tycoons that Forbes Magazine usually features, it is her genuine concern and compassion for other’s welfare that made her the best fit to be one of this year’s Heroes of Philanthropy.

Source: ABS-CBN News


  1. I salute Miss Angel Locsin for her generousity. Iilan na lang ang ganyang ugali na isisishare ang ganoong kalaking halaga for the welfare of the victims n the poor. More blessings ang GOD Bless You.


  3. Idol talaga kiya Ms. Angel locsin your name reflects your whole being I salute you Gid bless you more

  4. Angel Locsin the modern Mother Teresa, modern woman with great heart to the poor and victims. Silently working with genuine love to the poor by the grace of the Lord Jesus her deeds are now known to all. Salamat po Miss Angel Locsin my IDOL.

  5. So proud of angel locsin ur a true angel from heaven, one of the most helpful actress on and off cam. Wlang arte arte khit pgpagpawisan mdumihan basta makatulong s kapwa nya pilipino idol ng masa.may god always guide and bless u angel.


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