#TRENDING: CUATRO REVEALED! Makukumpleto na ang listahan ng “MEJOR CINCO”

The General’s Daughter remains unbeatable on its time slot.

It is consistently winning the TV ratings game and even has expanded its viewership in Asia while its still ongoing.

Angel Locsin and her co-stars have viewers talking about their spectacular scenes, whether it’s action or drama, making it a nightly topic on Twitter nationwide!

Nearing its end as Angel Locsin announced via phone patch during the Kapamilya Karavan in GenSan last Saturday, the show excites the televiewers with a twist around a certain group of five well-equipped assassins that Heneral Tiago raised and trained to help him execute his evil conquest.

Tiago, the main antagonist, named them “MEJOR CINCO” which means “Best Five” and this unexpected turn in the story warrants climactic scenes that challenge the cognitive skills and stir the emotions of viewers since they were introduced.

Angel Locsin’s Rhian Bonifacio was UNO, abducted as a child, manipulated to destroy her own father by disguising herself as military nurse; but she found out the truth and now fighting against Tiago with Franco Segismundo by her side.

Played by Paulo Avelino, Franco was “DOS” who was once blinded by anger and hatred but later on got enlightened by the truth and the love he has for Rhian since they were little.

“TRES” was a short-lived character portrayed by Victor Silayan who hid behind the name “Zandro” - a geek on mechanics and computers who owns a troll farm. But a man who can keep secrets may be wise, but Zandro is not as wise as Rhian, Franco and Marcial combined. He was busted and fell off a cliff leaving them with Cuatro and Cinco to find.

Last night, Cuatro was revealed and it’s none other than Capt. Alexandra Noblejas who entered the military through Gen. Gregorio Maximillano.

Netizens have been clamouring about it for weeks! She was a marksman with top notch skills under her belt, a well-accomplished soldier as her superior boasted about, she is definitely a great candidate as Cuatro and many got it right!

That leaves us to the last piece of the puzzle, WHO IS CINCO? Watch out for it on the next episodes!

Source: Instagram

Watch the Highlights here:


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