Angel Locsin supports local, SPOTTED pretty low-key and bare-faced in BGC with some fans!

It is really hard to keep your cool and sometimes you get your tongue tied to even say hi or hello during a sudden encounter with a famous person you really admire and look up to.

Everyone has a crush or idol and I think we all have this infatuation for famous people mostly celebrities, who are known for their talent, work bloody hard for it, and that’s inspirational.

Their drive, passion and most importantly attitude are something to idolize and that is just fine.

These are some of the personalities that we really like not only because of their physical attributes but because they inspire us to work as hard.

Just like this netizen, who goes by the name, Sarrah Jean Faustino; she took to Facebook her selfie photos with The General’s Daughter lead star, Angel Locsin, who’s bare-faced and wearing low-key clothing and just slippers.

She’s totally star struck and couldn’t believe that THE Angel Locsin dropped by at their booth saying, “Ms. Angel Locsin visited our booth.”

She’s completely surprised because who would have thought that a big star like Angel would check out their local products!

It’s a priceless reaction that many can relate to. You will completely lose your chill in the presence of whom we call a real Angel on Earth.

Many get totally starstruck by meeting Angel Locsin and most encounters are adorable and touching and will definitely restore your faith in the rich and famous.

Angel Locsin is indeed strikingly beautiful with or without make-up on.

It’s not the first time that Angel was seen bare-faced and it seems like she gets even more beautiful when she’s not camera ready.

And this fan selfie is just a proof of how gorgeous she is completely sans cosmetics.

It’s always kilig-worthy to see how she made another fan super happy, the reaction was just priceless!

Do you have a selfie with Angel Locsin? Share it with us and we will upload it on Angel’s Facebook fan corner! Also don’t forget to like and share!

Source: Facebook


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