1M views in less than 24 hours! Watch this compilation of Rhian and Franco’s kilig moments on The General’s Daughter!

There can be no more complicated love story than that of Rhian and Franco’s.

Starting off as Tiago’s allies, Franco and Rhian developed a love and hate relationship towards each other.

Franco treated Rhian as his rival but as the days went by, he grew fond of Rhian and fell in love with her.

Paulo Avelino and Angel Locsin’s chemistry is electrying.

They never fail to send kilig vibes to the viewers every time they share the screen.

Viewers always look forward to their kilig moments and as a treat to PauGel shippers, ABS-CBN compiled Rhian and Franco’s kilig moments on The General’s Daughter that left the viewers wanting for more.

The said video gained more than 1M views in less than 24 hours and PauGel shippers keeps raving about it!

“Another Teleserye please tambalang Angel and Paulo☺ wishing for kakilig ending for Rhian & Franco” - Emily Diamond Alcantara

“Grabe patok na patok ang tambalng Angel at paulo. Subrang kilig ako di nakakasawang panuorin kau mga Idol ko. Love you both of you po.ang cute nyong panoorin pareho lalo na ung mahal na twagan” - Mylane Cañete

“PauGel! Natural chemistry no need to be intimate para kiligin ka. Tisoy at chinita. Sobrang bagay! The Action Drama King and Queen of Primetime! More projects teleseryes and movies!” - Ficeh Farrah Loquias Cain

No one would ever forget that scene when Franco stole a kiss from Rhian or when they pretended to be husband and wife to escape, that scene when Franco teased Rhian of sleeping beside her or when Franco showed his thoughtful side and helped Rhian tend her wounds.

Who would’ve forget the day Franco admitted his feelings to Rhian and that scene when Franco got his eyes irritated while chopping onions.

All that and more are some of the most talked about scenes in The General’s Daughter apart from the intense action scenes and heart-rending drama scenes.

The show is now down to its last two weeks, will Rhian and Franco have their happy ending or will fate go against their favor and have a tragic one instead?

That’s what you have to find out! Don’t miss the last ten episodes of The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the full video here:


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