LOOK: Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino as partners in crime and MASTERS OF DISGUISE!

The General’s Daughter aired its 145th episode last night and it felt like there’s still more to watch out for.

It remains unbeatable in TV ratings and social media engagements against rival programs and got acquired for airing in Myanmar recently proving its quality, competence and impact in the global arena.

Last Monday, it registered a rating of 33.6%, a double digit lead against The Better Woman with only 16%.

The teaser for this week’s episodes gave the viewers something to be excited about and that is Rhian and Franco in another disguise act.

Angel is anticipated to dress up as a nun for her character’s undercover mission with Franco (Paulo Avelino) who’s also disguised himself as someone we can’t tell just yet.

It was also revealed on Instagram by @teamangelph with the caption:

“Rhian and Franco in disguise again! #TheGeneralsDaughter #AngelLocsin © @happyjaypee”

Angel Locsin is unarguably the MASTER of DISGUISE on Primetime!

Her character in her hit-serye The General’s Daughter, Rhian Bonifacio, has gone through a lot of transformations for her undercover job that we have never seen before on the evening line-up.

Paulo Avelino, on the other hand, is also doing a great job in disguising and they are both fun and entertaining to watch.

These trending transformations stunned the televiewers and netizens who couldn’t help but commend their dedication to deliver quality performance.

Angel indeed shookt us with her disguises. From wearing eye glasses to having different hairstyles, she seems to never run out of ideas to add flavor to her already seasoned acting caliber.

She disguised as a pregnant woman, reporter, cosplayer and even went up and beyond bearing prosthetics for her grandma look to be more believable.

Angel also did a gender swap with her co-actor, Paulo Avelino, which effortlessly trended online! As if using the trending gender-swap app, pretty Paulo Avelino and a handsome Angel Locsin as their characters were both on point!

Now the two are doing it again! Watch out for their another epic transformation in The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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