Angel and Paulo’s characters Rhian and Franco switch genders and netizens completely lost it!

The General’s Daughter now has 130 episodes! Its sixth month run guarantees a more interesting story ahead as Heneral Tiago Guerrero now holds all the cards again and managed to turn the tables on the De Leons.

He even have the guts to run for senatorial elections despite her multiple alleged criminal cases that were put on hold when Rhian and Marcial decided to hide go on MIA while strategically plotting their next move to take Tiago down.

Last week, Angel Locsin took her character Rhian to the next level and disguised as an old woman.

She needed no filter app because her prosthetics served its job.

It gained traction in social media earning her a monicker, “Master of Disguise.”

Because of the various reactions and positive feedback the show is getting for the spot on performances of Angel and Albert as Rhian and Marcial in diguise, Paulo Avelino was also put on the show as someone you never thought would also take the men’s breath away.

Angel Locsin and Paulo Avelino switch genders as disguise for their characters’ undercover mission and it’s solidly on point!

Paulo’s Franco totally left us in awe for the beauty he holds as a woman while everyone completely lost in when Angel’s Rhian dressed up as man with real pogi problems for making the girls crazy last night.

Their disguise acts earn various reactions that catapulted the episode to the most talked about Primetime show on Twitter last night!

“Pogi mo naman.. Pede ba kita ligawan”

“Grabeee! Ang pogi na may pagka bad boy huhuhu!ang angass.”

“di ko rin alam, pero gusto ko si PAULINA.”

“Yung mas maganda pa saken si Paulo Avelino!”

“Bakla ako pero magpapakalalaki ako for you hahaha.”

“Pogi mo Angel at ang ganda ni Paulo.”

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Watch the Highlights here:


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