Angel Locsin wears her bruises with pride!

Angel Locsin is known for her shows like Mulawin, Darna, Majika,Asian Treasures, Lobo, and Imortal that have one thing in common — Action. All these are action themed teleserye that showcased her talent not just in acting but also her precision in executing the action stunts. Versatility is Angel Locsin’s edge among others, she can do action and also excel in drama like her award-winning MMK episodes, her movies and teleseryes. She’s now dubbed as the Action-Drama Queen because of her excellence both in Drama and Action.

She doesn’t settle for less, she’s willing to do anything just to give us nothing but the best. Just recently, she posted a photo in her IG story with noticeable bruise on her right eye with the caption “Bruises are like little badges of honor... wear them proudly” followed by another post with the caption that reads “50 Shades of Black under my eye, na sinubukan kong i-mowdel. Any helpful tips on how to get rid of a black eye quickly, aside from vitamin C, arnica, & ice? I’m proud of my battle scars but this girl gotta work. PS. I was not abused. Thank you!”. Angel did not go into details as to how she got that bruise but assured her fans that she’s not abused.

The General’s Daughter is an action-drama themed teleserye and instances like these are inevitable and as a known artist who’s very dedicated to her craft, even though there’s an option for her to use a body double, she’s doing the stunts herself which is truly admirable. Aside from the wounds and bruises, it can also be recalled that she got stung by a jellyfish while taping some underwater scenes. Her dedication and passion to her craft is really commendable.

The things she’s willing to do goes above and beyond what’s expected of her; she hanged under a moving truck, got drowned, and received countless bruises while doing scenes for the show. Her scenes are real and not fabricated and it definitely pays off as the show hits an all time high rating of 36.7% nationwide!

The show is getting better and better. Don’t dare miss an episode weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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