“Let’s remember how far we have come on women’s month.” Angel Locsin on celebrating women’s month.

We all hear people say that “the future is female” and it really is very evident with how many amazing women there are who holds the torch for being a strong and powerful woman.

March has been known to be women’s month. An entire month when we celebrate every woman and their contribution to make this world a better place to live in and there’s no better example of an exceptional woman than Angel Locsin.

Angel Locsin has always been an inspiration to every woman out there. Her innate kindness has always shined to people and aside from that, the way she stands up for the things she believes in proves that though women have the softest heart, women are powerful, women are fearless, and women are a force to be reckoned with.

In celebration of women’s month, Angel Locsin shared her thoughts on the importance of celebrating women’s month;

“Women’s Month is important. It’s a tribute to the sacrifices of all great women—in our lives, and throughout history. A reminder that we are strong, powerful, and limitless. Let’s remember how far we have come on women’s month. But let’s celebrate being a woman all year long and continue the fight.”

Women can be whoever they wanted to be. Women make change and make impossible, possible. When they set their minds into doing something, they never stop until they got the result that they are expecting.

Women also have so much love to give and it is just apt to have a month long celebration dedicated for every women who are tirelessly making this world a better place to live in but just like what Angel said, one month is not enough, we should celebrate woman power all year long!

Source: Instagram

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