“I gave her my word, that I will take care of Gel whatever happens” — Dimples Romana on the promise she made to Angel Locsin’s OG BFF, Lani.

Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana first met on the set of the 2008 hit show 'Lobo'. Angel Locsin played the role of Lyka Raymundo, "ang punong-bantay" and Dimples Romana played as her bestfriend, "tagapangalaga".

While playing bestfriends on-screen, they eventually became bestfriends in real life and become the reflection of genuine friendship that we all wish to have.

But aside from Dimples, Angel have a lot of friends, all of them were celebrating with her in these blissful times one in particular is Lani, Angel's "OG BFF", as what Dimples call her.

Lani and Angel have been bestfriends way before she entered showbusiness but years ago, Lani and her family migrated to the US and had to leave Angel behind. Concerned with leaving her bestfriend, Lani called Dimples and asked her to watch over Angel while she's gone and as what we all can see, Dimples really did keep her promise.

On a post Dimples shared on her Instagram account, the actress shared a screenshot of a comment from Lani expressing her gratitude to the actress for keeping her promise.

On the caption, Dimples wrote,

"I remember the day like it was just yesterday when Lani called me and wanted to meet in person. We went to Gel’s taping nun and literal na ibinilin nya sa akin si Gel. And from that day on, I promised her and I gave her my word, that I will take care of Gel whatever happens, from here on out in the PH while she is in the US 🤍 that she doesn’t have to worry."

Dimples then shared how that promise came with a lot of fun times and trying times particularly with Angel's lovelife.

"It was a silent promise made for a friend by a friend 💕 And that commitment came with a lot of fun times, trying times and lots of watching Gel go through breakups and make ups, falling back in love and more. But just like any relationship, a genuine friendship is not measured based on just the happy memories but more importantly the times when we had to sit quietly together while we watch each other heal, offering extra hands for when our friends need help in picking pieces up together, lots of reminding how life and God works in mysterious ways and that all the pain we experience is not only normal but also vital to growth, it only leads and prepares us for that one person who is really destined for us, finding things to do para aliwin ang mga sarili namin and ultimately sharing the joy of each other’s journey."

We see Angel Locsin's heart be broken a couple of times, some of them were worst than the others but we also see her getting over those heartbreaks like a champ and not giving up on love until she find the one and it is a no question that Dimples have always been there for her during those times.

And now that she's finally married the love of her life, everyone are celebrating and her two bestfriends who've seen what she's been through, were crying with happiness!

Source: Instagram

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