“Don’t lose yourself in the process of serving others” Angel Locsin on finding the balance between commitment to self and to others!

Angel Locsin has always been one of the most inspiring personalities in the entertainment industry. She leads by example through her humanitarian efforts and it is only fitting that she was chosen to be one of the speakers in the ongoing Taguig Youth Convention!

Angel Locsin started her talk by quoting Maya Angelou with her famous line “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” The actress also talk about people being social beings which became more evident during the pandemic.

The actress also reminded everyone who may have been busy with their passion to make time for the people around them.

“No matter how busy or passionate we are in what we do, we must make time for the people around us,” she said.

Angel also talked about extending oneself in helping others. The pros and sometimes cons of giving yourself in the service of others and reminded everyone to find the balance between the commitment to self and to others.

“The commitment you make to others are just as important as the commitments you make to yourself” Angel said.

“Always find a balance. Don’t forget to take the time to pause amid the chaos,” she added.

Helping others is a rewarding thing, it makes you feel good about yourself and the fulfillment you get seeing the smiles of people you’re helping will always be unmatched but as a sympathetic human being, you can’t also help but feel what the people you’re helping are feeling, it will sometimes get to you and as what Angel said, don’t forget to take time and pause amid the chaos and don’t lose yourself in the process of serving others.

Source: Facebook

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