“You make everybody in front of you melt” — Matteo Guidicelli to Angel Locsin.

Hearing her name alone commands respect. A woman who sets an example to every woman out there, a woman who never let society dictate what a woman can and cannot do.

Angel Locsin is Angel Locsin and beyond her impressive achievements and legacy, she has made a name for herself that people will remember even if one day she decides to leave her acting career behind.

On her recent guesting in MattRuns, a podcast hosted by Matteo Guidicelli, the actress shared some insightful thoughts about her advocacies, how she became the woman that she is today and some of her future plans.

“You make everybody in front of you melt” this is how Matt describes being in the same room with Angel Locsin and he perfectly put into words what people feel when seeing the actress in person or even on screen.

Her achievements and philanthropic efforts are sometimes overwhelming and in some ways intimidating but her angelic face, how she treats other people, and her overall persona will definitely make you melt.

People tend to put Angel Locsin on a pedestal and no one can really blame them for she set a really high standard for being the woman that she is and the way she holds herself and express her thoughts on interviews like this recent one, it is a no surprise that people look up to her and shower her with praises. But she always make a conscious effort to point out that she’s not the only one who’s doing her share in helping others, she always uplift other people and highlight their efforts to make other people’s lives better!

Source: Spotify

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