Unbothered Queen! Angel Locsin on dealing with body shamers

Way back 2015, Angel Locsin suffered from a disc bulge. Her condition became more serious that there was a time that she can’t move her body because of the pain she’s feeling. Because of this, the actress decided to undergo operation in Singapore way back 2016.

It has been 5 years since she had the operation but as what Angel Locsin revealed on her Instagram post, her injury will always be with her which limited her to do physical activities even at present. She can no longer do strenous activities and workouts like she used to that resulted to a noticeable change on her figure.

With the change on her physique, Angel Locsin’s detractors always have a field day body shaming her especially when the actress speaks out about something and they can’t come up with proper argument and just recently, the actress shared how she’s dealing with body shamers.

“Hindi ako nagsalita kasi parang, anong sasabihin ko? 'Yun ang opinion nila sa sarili ko eh. Totoo naman, mataba naman talaga ako. Pero hindi naman masusukat noon kung sino ako. Mabuti nang chubby kaysa ugly”

“Kung hindi kayo natutuwa sa sarili ko, well, I’m sorry to hear that. But natutuwa pa naman ako sa sarili ko and I know ang kaya kong ibigay sa table,” she added.

The actress however admitted that she is a “work in progress” and true enough just recently, she started a new diet program to lose weight and be healthier than ever!

Angel Locsin is Angel Locsin, she has made a name for herself that no matter what happens, she will always be Darna. She doesn’t need a perfect body or be on the cover of sexy magazines to win the hearts of people because her genuinely good heart is more than enough for people to love her no matter what.

Source: ABS-CBN

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