“Tara na gawin na natin ang plano” Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera’s replies stirs future project speculations!

Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera; two of the most sought-after actresses of their generation, two Darnas, and also two actresses who have been pitted against each other the most.

For the longest time, fans have been comparing them and making it seem that everything that they do is a competition especially because they both played the iconic role Darna but in real life, they’ve become really good friends.

A few years back, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera shared a frame on one of Avon’s campaigns both on print and on TV and posed for a magazine cover together. From being pitted against each other, fans now can’t get enough of seeing these two Queens together.

“Angel Locsin” and “Marian Rivera”, that’s two of the biggest names in the industry and having them in one frame or in one project is a dream come true that’s why people quickly jumped to conclusion that they have an upcoming project together with just a simple exchange of comments on one of Angel’s recent instagram posts.

“Tara na gawin na natin ang plano” this reply from Angel Locsin on Marian’s comment stirs speculation that they are cooking something exciting! People have been dreaming for these two Queens to star in a movie together and no one can blame them if they assume that it is finally happening with just a simple comment especially after Marian Rivera replied “gameeeeee!”.

Right at this moment, we don’t have any information what this is all about but one thing is for sure, they are planning for something and they are both game to do it! The “plan” that they’re referring to can be anything and we can only hope that they are talking about what we all want; a movie starring two of the most beautiful and well-known personalities in the country!

Source: Instagram

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