Angel Locsin shares in detail how Neil Arce proposed to her!

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have been engaged for 2 years now. It was around this month in 2019 when the couple announced their engagement. They were set to tie the knot November last year but because of the pandemic, they decided to reschedule the big day and was set to happen this year.

2 years have passed since they surprised everyone with their engagement and they have been mum about the details on how it happened and besides their official engagement photos, we have no idea how it all went down until last Saturday, July 10 on Over the Glass or Two interview hosted by Jessy and Jcas.

We all know how Angel Locsin values her family especially her father and as a courtesy to her loved ones, Neil Arce seek their permission first before proposing to the actress. He seek for her father’s approval first and planned the proposal with him which happened Father’s day of 2019 during a family dinner.

After her taping for her then show The General’s Daughter, Angel showed up without any idea that she’s about to make one of the most important and life changing decisions of her life.

The dinner went as per usual and while her dad’s giving his usual speech about her and Neil’s future plan, and Neil giving his speech, Angel is busy scrambling through their household’s bills for the month until her sister blurted out that Neil’s about to propose!

“Gel magpopropose si Neil sa’yo,” and after hearing those words, the first thing she did is look around and look for cameras to check and see if she was being pranked but it’s all true and we all know what she answered when he finally asked the big question.

Now that the situation in the country is getting better and restrictions are slowly being lifted, we have high hopes that their wedding that we’ve all been waiting for will finally happen this year and we couldn’t be more excited!

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