Angel Locsin on moving past her regrets and living in the moment.

They say experience is the best teacher and everything that you are and how you turned out to be is influenced by your experience and mistakes that you made along the way. But no matter how your life turned out to be, there are things we regret, things we wish we could change or do differently even Angel Locsin who has achieved so much in her life have a lot of them.

In her Over A Glass or Two interview, Angel Locsin was asked if she has regrets, should haves, and could haves and despite her success and achievements, she admitted that she regret some things in her life but chose to move past those regrets and live in the moment.

“Alam nyo bilang tao, marami tayong regrets, marami tayong “sana ganito, dapat ganito,” marami kung tatanungin nyo ako pero kung mamumuhay tayo na puro na lang tayo maglilinger sa mga dapat ganito yung nangyari, paano natin mahaharap ‘yung future diba? So kailangan tayo mag let go and just accept kung ano nasa harap natin at yun ‘yung pagtuunan natin ng pansin kasi minsan namimiss natin kung ano ‘yung nasa harap natin sa ngayon kung lagi tayong nakafocus sa nakaraan,” the actress said.

There are things we regret, opportunities we let go, all of us have what ifs, should haves or could haves but just like what Angel Locsin said, we may missed out on something beautiful in front of us if we keep living in the past instead of living in the moment.

We can’t change what happened in the past but we can definitely learn from our mistakes and be wiser in making decisions in the present to avoid making the same mistakes or having the same regrets over and over again just like Angel Locsin who became stronger, braver and more courageous than ever!

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