Angel Locsin offers Chito Miranda and his family her home as the threat of another Taal Volcano eruption grows.

January last year, Taal Volcano erupted, thousands of residents within the danger zone were evacuated to nearby towns in Batangas and just recently, it started acting up again and is now on alert level no. 3 after an eruption that involves magma and water that occurred on Thursday, July 1.

Thousand of residents left their homes already because of the volcano's unrest and as someone who always thinks of other people, Angel Locsin did not forget to check on her close friend Chito Miranda and his family who lives in the South.

On his Instagram post, the Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist shared a conversation he had with Angel Locsin when she offered her house for him and his family to stay whilst the volcano is still active and on alert level 3 "Chito! May kwarto kayo dito nila neri at miggy at kung sino pa kasama nyo sa house ha? Anytime pwede kayo dito. Mabuti ng iwas muna kayo at unpredictable pa 'yung taal. Plus 'yung smog" the actress' chat reads.

On the same post, Chito revealed that he and his family are safe and expressed his appreciation to Angel's sweet gesture "Napakabait lang talaga nitong tao na 'to. Mula dati, hanggang ngayon...sobra talaga." his caption reads.

We see how Angel cares for other people at times of distress and it is a no surprise that she'll be this concerned and helpful to one of her closest friends! They have been friends for the longest time and have some funny stories about their friendship online that you most probably have read but these little glimpse of how they are in private and how caring they are to each other makes you want to have a friendship as strong as theirs!

Source: Facebook

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