You can now watch one of ChardGel's classic movies, 'I Will Always Love You' for free!

17 years ago, a 19 year-old young lady rose to stardom after she stole the hearts of the viewers as Alwina in the hit fantasy themed series Mulawin. Angel Locsin who was once unknown to the public became one of the most well-known personalities and the most in-demand star of her generation. Her portrayal as Alwina as well as her chemistry with her leading man, Richard Gutierez has land her/them, more projects not just on TV but also on the big screen.

I Will Always Love You is one of Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez's, popularly known as ChardGel, classic movies that premiered 15 years ago.

The story evolves around the 'would they' 'won't they' relationship between Justin and Cecille. Their relationship have been challenged for countless times which is rooted from Justin's disapproving parents. His parents tried everything to break them up but Justin, driven by his love for Cecille did everything he could to keep their relationship, even to the point of lying to her. It is a whirlwind romance that will surely make you fall in love, cry, and fall in love over again.

ChardGel is one of those timeless loveteams that no matter how long or how many years have passed, their movies will always make you fall in love unfortunately, during their earlier days, streaming sites weren't a thing yet but luckily, they are slowly bringing them back! You can now watch 'I Will Always Love You' for free online from May 23 to June 19! Watch, enjoy and relive the kilig vibes that ChardGel offers!

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Watch the full movie here:

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