Team Iba Yan binigyan ng isang Grand Day-off ang ating mga mapagkalingang Kasambahay!

As kasambahays, they have a lot of responsibilities on their hands. They do everything from cleaning the house, preparing food, and making sure that everything is in order and everyone is well taken care of and have everything that they need. With all these things they have to do for their employers, they sometimes forget to take a breath, rest, and take care of themselves.

To show appreciation to the service these kasambahays has rendered, team Iba Yan gave them a well deserved grand day-off!

They treat them with a full day of relaxation at Nurture Wellness Village. They give them massage, haircut, manicure and pedicure among others, a full day of pampering and relaxation!

This day has become more than a relaxation day, Angel Locsin also gave them gifts from team Iba Yan and even their employers sent them gifts and gave them a touching message to express their gratitude and appreciation.

Linda, one of the kasambahays who have been given the grand day-off thanks Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan for an unforgettable and relaxing day.

"Salamat sa Iba Yan dahil sa tanang buhay ko ngayon ko lang talaga naranasan"

No one deserves this grand day-off more than these kasambahays who pour their heart in taking care of a family who they treat as their own even though they are not related by blood. They've been giving a lot of help to the family they're serving that for a period of time, they become part of it themselves. They are the unsung heroes that help turn a house into a home.

Watch the full episode here:

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