"Kumakain na siya ng gulay ngayon." Bubbles Paraiso, proud of her wifey Angel Locsin for changing her eating habits!

Angel Locsin just recently started a new diet program to get back in shape. The actress took to her Instagram stories the details on her calorie controlled diet. She shares the meals curated for her for the day which usually consists of a main dish as a source of protein and a side of vegetable.

As we all know, Angel Locsin is not a fan of vegetables, she revealed that in a few interviews and her friends can even vouch for that as a fact especially her "veggie disposal" friend, her wifey Bubbles Paraiso.

On her Instagram account, Bubbles shared how proud she is with her friend for changing her eating habits and finally eating vegetables.

"Just want to share how proud I am, kumakain na siya ng gulay ngayon." she said.

She also revealed that Angel used to put anything green on her plate which explains why Angel referred to her as her "veggie disposal" friend.

In response to Bubbles' post, the actress proudly said that she has changed "Sorry hindi ko na mabibigay ang gulay ko sayo. Nagbago na ko." which is definitely the case as she religiously eats the meals curated for her in her 800-calorie diet and no longer skip her vegetables.

Angel Locsin is gearing towards a healthier lifestyle starting with eating healthy with the help of two of her most trusted doctors Dr. Aivee and Dr. Teo. Changing old habits is hard but with the right guidance, she'll definitely achieve her goal in no time!

Source: ABS-CBN

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