#IbaYanPadyakNa: Angel Locsin and Team Iba Yan gives Jomar a brand new bike!

Bicycle is one of the most common mode of transportations that majority learns to ride early on. Most of us learn to ride a bicycle when we were younger; while we are playing with our siblings, childhood friends, or cousins.

But bikes aren't just for recreation, it is one of the most convenient, most time saving mode of transportations to and from your workplace but it is not that widely acknowledged until the pandemic happened.

Last year, during the enhanced community quarantine, with the restrictions in transportation, commuters switched to bikes as an alternative and they are exactly the main focus of this week's episode of Iba Yan.

Last Sunday, Iba Yan told the inspiring story of Jomar Espino, a 23-year old young man who helped his community with the use of his bike. He offered his service to his neighborhood for free back when their place was in lockdown and now uses his bike to earn a living through his online business 'Visayas Avenue Mocktails'.

Every time he receives orders for his online business, Jomar uses his bike to deliver them but unfortunately a few weeks ago, he got into an accident that damaged his bike and almost rendered it useless.

Angel Locsin heard his story and as a gift, team Iba Yan gave Jomar a brand new bike to replace his old one and on top of that, the team also introduced him to Rowhe and Aaron, founders of Mobile in MNL who thought him the basics in bike commuting.

They thought him hand signals, showed necessary gears needed, and gave safety tips while on the road. Apart from the new bike, the team also gifted him additional ingredients for his mocktails which for sure will help him earn more!

Watch the full episode here:


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