#IbaYanKasamaSaBuhay: Team Iba Yan gives Linda a brand new bike, mid-year bonus and more!

Last Sunday, Iba Yan paid homage to doting kasambahays who took care and love their employer's family as their own. Angel Locsin met 2 wonderful kasambahays with really inspiring stories one of which is Erlinda Gomez who has been serving Paraiso family for 30 years.

Linda shared her story to Angel Locsin and how she ended up in Manila and become a kasambahay. Her family can no longer afford her studies and so she decided to take a chance in Manila when she was 18 years old to help them instead and it is where she got employed as kasambahay.

Linda is the bodyguard or the protector of the Paraiso family. She takes care of the family and their kids who grew up close to her and consider her as a real family.

To date, Linda is still employed to Paraiso family but she shared that one day, she dreams of retiring and having her own small business.

With everything that Linda's done and for helping her family get through tough times, team Iba Yan showed their appreciation and gifted her things that she can enjoy for herself. The team gave her new clothes and shoes, bike and safety gear, and to top it all up, they gave her a mid-year bonus!

Linda was very thankful to Angel Locsin and team Iba Yan for everything that they've given her. You can clearly see happiness written all over her face which is not only because of the gifts she received but also because she finally saw her idol Angel Locsin in person.

"Sabi ko isang araw pag binigyan ng pagkakataon sana makita kita sa personal at ngayon natupad na yung wish ko."

Watch the full episode here:

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