Did you know that Angel Locsin is a part of the Muslim royal family? Here's everything you need to know about our real-life Darna!

From being a regular schoolgirl and an athlete, Angel Locsin made her way to stardom through her impeccable portrayal at some of the country's largest television shows like Darna, Asian Treasures, Lobo, and The General's Daughter among others. She became a household name immediately after she was given the chance to show her talent in acting in the fantasy themed teleserye Mulawin and the rest as they say is history.

For almost two decades that Angel Locsin's been in the entertainment industry, all eyes have been on her. Everyone is watching her every move and writing about it but there is still other things about her that you may not know.

In a recent feature piece at Generation T, they revealed everything that you need to know about Angel Locsin and the first one will definitely blow your mind!

Did you know that Angel Locsin is a part of the Muslim royal family? The actress doesn't talk about it that much but on one of her interviews, she revealed that all she knew was that a princess adopted her mother.

Another thing that will definitely interest you about Locsin is that she is a vocal advocate for women's rights. She lends her voice to organizations seeking to end violence against women and children and uses her platform to share stories of women like that of those who are at Wipe Every Tear organization that was featured on her public oriented show Iba Yan.

Angel Locsin is also a woman of action, she uses her platform to create change and help victims of calamities through fundraising and relief efforts. One of her most notable projects that became a huge success through the use of her platform is the #UniTENTweStandPH campaign that she spearheaded in the midst of the pandemic to help solve overcrowding in hospitals.

Apart from the abovementioned interesting facts about the actress she also has a secret passion for farming. The actress revealed that she always wanted to put up a farm and now finally beginning that project in fact just recently, on one of Angel and Neil's vlogs on their official youtube channel, the couple gave their subscribers a tour of their farm!

Most of the things about Angel Locsin is already published online and scrolling through these amazing things that the actress has done or inspiring words that she said, there's no way that you wouldn't admire her even more!

Source: generationt.asia

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