Angel Locsin starts a new diet program to get back in shape!

In 2005, Angel Locsin won FHM Philippines' sexiest and five years later, she once again land the title. She has always been one of the sexiest in the biz she even made it international as she was included in MTV Australia's Sexiest Nationalities.

We saw how she worked hard to achieve her body, some old videos show that she lift weights, do Muay Thai and workout consistently but something happened that hindered her from doing strenuous activities which led to a noticeable change on her figure.

After her operation for her back injury, Angel Locsin was no longer able to do what she used to but still tried to be in shape until the pandemic happened. Just recently, Angel Locsin decided to take a step forward towards a healthy lifestyle and getting back in shape with the help of the Aivee clinic through Dr. Food Diet Program.

Dr. Food brings chef-curated and nutritionist-approved delicious meals that are planned to bring specific and highly-individualized results. On her Instagram account, the actress shared the meals that was planned for her 800-calorie diet which was what her nutritionist recommended to achieve her goal.

Losing weight takes a lot of motivation and dedication and Angel Locsin seems to be really motivated and focused on eating healthy and achieving her goal more than ever. She shares most of it on her social media accounts and keeps on following through with the meals curated for her.

It will be a whole new journey for Angel Locsin as this was her first time trying Dr. Food Diet Program but she has the guidance of Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo who'll surely take care of her and will be with her throughout this weight loss journey!

Source: ABS-CBN

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