Angel Locsin shares details on their future home!

It has been two years since Angel Locsin and Neil Arce got engaged. The wedding is set to happen November last year but because of the pandemic, all their plans got pushed back and the couple opted to reschedule the big day.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are making a life together and aside from planning the big day, the couple has been busy planning their future starting from building their own house. On her recent Instagram story post, the actress give her followers a little peak on their house that soon they'll call home.

Fans are excited to learn more about this new chapter in her life and while visiting Aivee clinic, Angel Locsin shared some details on how their house is coming together and the fun process of deciding which is which and compromising to one another's preference. They agree on most parts but Angel shared that there is one thing that Neil didn't understand; her request to have a broom closet.

“Hindi niya gets ‘yung mga gusto kong magkaroon ng closet for the broom. Hindi niya naiintindihan ‘yun” the actress said.

You all probably have heard how fond of cleaning Angel Locsin is and it is a no surprise that the first thing that came into her mind when building her own house is a broom closet and though Neil did not understand her request to have the said closet for her cleaning materials, the actress still got what she requested and it is in fact what she prioritized together with her kitchen.

Everyone is excited for the next chapter in Angel and Neil's life especially now that they are creating and planning a future together.

They already have a house they can call home and soon, they will be bonded with the sanctity of marriage that most of us have been waiting for!

Source: ABS-CBN

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