Angel Locsin and Neil Arce, Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo, and other celebrity weddings happening this year!

2020 is literally the year the world stood still. Everything was put on hold and everybody doesn't have an idea when or if we'll be able to do what we used to pre-pandemic. All the plans that was made a year before got postponed and rescheduled because of the restrictions brought upon by the pandemic especially mass gatherings like weddings.

Thankfully this year, the situation seems to get better. There's already a vaccine that will protect us from the virus and everything is slowly getting back to normal and couples who have rescheduled their wedding have a big chance to tie the knot this year just like celebrity couples who have been engaged for a while now like Angel Locsin and Neil Arce.

On 2019, Angel and Neil announced their engagement through a series of posts of their engagement photos on their social media accounts one of which actually got 1M likes on Instagram.

They have been busy planning the wedding and if not because of the pandemic, they should have been married by November last year but the couple chose to reschedule and on an interview, the couple revealed that it will definitely be happening this year.

Though their wedding were postponed, the couple continue to plan their future together and just recently, they showed a glimpse of their future home.

Angel and Neil are not the only celebrity couple that have had their plans changed and are getting hitched this year. Other couple who have been engaged recently and are ready to walk down the aisle this year are Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo, DJ Mo Twister and Angelika Schmeing, Glaiza De Castro and David Rainey, Morisette Amon and Dave Lamar, and Patrick Sugui and Aeriel Garcia to name a few.

Source: Star Cinema

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