"'Yung tulong ng Iba 'Yan walang katapusan, parang unlimited." Stand-up comedian Supremo to team Iba 'Yan.

Iba Yan has shed light on inspiring untold stories for almost a year now and 3 weeks before their anniversary, they revisited the stories that inspired us, gave us hope and made us cry and smile at the same time.

Last March 21, 2021, Iba Yan had a special episode featuring stand-up comedians. As we all know, the pandemic has affected every industry and entertainment industry is one of those that have been affected the most especially those who are performing with live audience such as stand-up comedians and on that day, Iba Yan gave them an opportunity to perform once again months after comedy bars closed.

On that same episode, we learned the stories of these people who make others laugh one of them is Supremo, a comedy magician who charms his audience with his wit and magic. Supremo shared that he sometimes had to decline gig offers because of his full schedule but when the pandemic hit, his scheduled gigs got cancelled until none was left.

To ease some of his worries off his shoulder in this time of pandemic, Angel Locsin and team Iba 'Yan offered Supremo some help. They pledged to give his father who is suffering from cataract a free-eye check-up and also gave him an egg business package to help him get by during these uncertain times.

Few months later, team Iba 'Yan visited Supremo to check on him and on the show's most recent episode, he shared how being featured on Iba Yan has helped him.

"Mula nung lumabas ako sa Iba Yan, parang nanumbalik yung sigla nung ginagawa ko. Nabigyan ulit ng pagkakataon magperform sa stage ng Iba Yan, nakakagaan ng pakiramdam, malaking tulong emotionally and mentally."

He also shared some good news about his father's condition and the egg business package that Iba Yan gifted him. True to their words, the team supported his father from check-up to the operation of his left eye and just recently pledged to shoulder the expenses for the operation of the other eye.

"'Yung tulong ng Iba 'Yan walang katapusan, parang unlimited." says Supremo.

Supremo was very thankful with all the help Iba Yan has given him and his family.

Watch the full episode here:

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