This Four Sisters and A Wedding deleted scene shows how Alex lose her apartment and ends up living in her car!

Up until this day, almost 8 years after its premiere, Four Sisters and A Wedding still draws viewership. In fact just a few months back, Star Cinema released its prequel Four Sisters Before the Wedding in response to audience clamor.

What really draw people to watch the movie is its relatable story. It perfectly depicted a picture of a Filipino family, that in a big family, there is and will always be someone who's very well put together and outshines the rest whether it be through their career, achievements, or relationship just like Bobbie whilst others are all over the place and struggling while pursuing their dream just like Alex.

We basically have seen everything we need to see to fully grasp the story of the movie but this never before seen clip that was deleted from the final cut explains how Alex lose her apartment and end up living in her car.

As we all can remember, before Alex come home for Teddie's homecoming, we see her sleeping in her car and end up taking a shower at a public restroom at a gasoline station.

The deleted scene that was uploaded on Star Cinema's Youtube channel shows how her landlady kicked her out of the apartment because she haven't paid her rent for six months. Coming home from the set of an indie movie that she's currently working as an assistant director, Alex was surprised to see her stuff outside her apartment, on the streets.

This deleted scene also revealed that Alex's car is formerly her father's which proved that she is indeed his favorite just like what Bobbie claimed on her tell-all and dramatic scene with the whole family.

Watch the full video here:

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