Newest member of Squad Plus, Analain Salvador says Kathryn Bernardo and Angel Locsin inspires her to be a better actress!

Like most of the up-and-coming actors, Angel Locsin was once a newbie in the industry. She made her way up through her talent that she kept honing and improving and after just a few supporting roles, she became a household name and years later, she still holds the title as one of the most admired and influential personalities in the biz.

Aside from her acting skills, people love her because of the courage and bravery she has shown over the past years. She uses her platform not only for brand deals but also to speak up and fight for what she believe is right no matter what naysayers would say.

Her acting prowess, benevolence, compassion to people, generosity, and courage are just few of the reasons why the new generation of actors that's emerging can't help but idolize her just like the newest member of Squad Plus, Analain Salvador.

During the Squad Plus media launch, Analain Salvador, cousin of Daniel Padilla and niece of Karla Estrada revealed that she idolizes Angel Locsin not only because of acting but also because of how she uses her platform. She also added that apart from Angel, Kathryn Bernardo also inspires her and these two amazing Kapamilya actress inspire her to be a better actress.

“Si ate Angel Locsin because unang una the way she uses her platform and sa pag-arte din just like ate Kath (Bernardo), talagang na-iinspire ako gumaling sa pag-arte dahil sa kanilang dalawa."

Kathryn Bernardo and Angel Locsin are indeed two great role models. You can't go wrong in idolizing two of the most admired and influential personality in the biz who use their platform in the best possible way.

Source: Push


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