Ms. Regine Velasquez dedicates a song of praise and worship to Angel Locsin!

Angel Locsin has done so much for the people for the past years. With pure intentions in heart, she always goes above and beyond what’s expected of anyone to help others: fly to far-flung areas who are badly affected by calamities, use her own resources to fund a relief operation, and even distribute it herself among others.

With everything that she’s done, it is disheartening to see what’s happening right now. With just one unfortunate and unforeseen event with which she took full responsibility and accountability for, she’s been crucified by other people for it as if what she has done before doesn’t matter, as if she’s the worst there is.

But despite the cristicisms she’s received for the past weeks since her birthday, a lot of people rally behind the actress, people who can see past this unfortunate event like her fellow celebrities who have known her in person who never feared to express their support to her.

Just recently, on OGRE sesh praise and worship, Ms. Regine Velasquez dedicate a praise and worship song to Angel Locsin.

“I would like to dedicate this song kay Angel. There was a lot of controversy surrounding what she has done on her birthday. That was not her fault naman but just the same she apologized.” the songbird says.

“But I just want you guys to know that this is not the first time that she did this. She’s been doing this long long long time ago na. Whenever there’s a typhoon, or when she hears that there’s a problem in this province she would go there by herself and try to find out what they need and she would try to give them whatever it is they need. She’s been helping people.” she added

“Napaka-unfortunate ng nangyari on her birthday but like I said, she just wanted to help people. We know her personally and this song I think is medyo talagang parang sinulat for her.”

Ms. Regine sung a beautiful worship song entitled “Five Loaves and Two Fishes” which is about someone who got inspired by a boy who gave his five loaves and two fishes to feed the hungry.

Ms. Regine Velasquez sung the song with so much love and emotion that no one can possibly ignore its message. And just like what she said, it really felt like the song is made for Angel Locsin.

Source: Facebook


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