"Masarap parang Halo-halo sa mainit na araw" Angel Locsin on her relationship with Neil Arce!

The temperature that we're feeling this summer is on another level! In fact just recently, the Philippines has recorded its highest heat index at 52°C at 2 pm in Dagupan City, Pangasinan and during this time that we experience scorching heat, people cope in different ways like going to the beach, keeping themselves hydrated, or indulging to Filipino's favorite summer dessert Halo-halo.

We all know how Halo-halo helps during hot weather. That satisfied feeling that we feel right after we had a cup or two of our favorite summer dessert and that lasting feeling of relief after the last drop, that's how Angel Locsin describes her relationship with Neil Arce.

There are things that is hard to describe and even though we know exactly how it felt, it is still impossible to put it into words and that's just how Angel Locsin described her relationship with Neil when Vice Ganda asked her on one of her Gandang Gabi Vice guestings. "Masarap parang Halo-halo sa mainit na araw" is her exact words and if we're to interpret what that meant, we can safely say that they're happy and very much in love.

It has been 2 years since that interview and since then, Angel and Neil have been engaged and are now gearing towards a future together. They should have been married by now if not for the pandemic but one thing is for sure, it is happening hopefully sooner than later.

And whilst we are waiting for these two to tie the knot, we can support them and follow their journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Arce on their official YouTube channel The Angel and Neil channel.

Source: Instagram


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