#IbaYanSiNanay: Iba Yan's Mother's day special episode features the story of a supermom who fought hard for her son who had Biliary Atresia.

"Ilaw ng tahanan," that's who they are. Mothers are the guiding light in the family who lead the pack to live a better and comfortable life. They make everything better, they offer unconditional love and care and will do literally anything and everything for the family.

Last Sunday, in commemoration of Mother's day, Iba Yan told the stories of devoted Mothers who, even through tough times did not give up and championed adversity. One story that stands-out is that of Blessie Lutcha, a mother of two boys one of whom is ailing and needs liver transplant to survive.

Biliary Atresia, that's what Blessie's son Zuan was diagnosed immediately after he was born. When he was 2 months old, an operation was performed in the hopes of helping Zuan get better but weeks later, the doctors confirmed that the procedure failed and his only chance of survival is through liver transplant.

Apart from the fact that her son is suffering, another thing for Blessie to worry about is the expenses. Liver transplant is an expensive procedure in fact, the doctors quoted her an estimated amount of 2M-2.5M pesos for the operation. As what every Mother would do, Blessie started her hustle to earn and save money for her son. She did everything from online selling to selling of printed merchandise. She's doing everything she can but on June 2019, the doctor said that Zuan needs to have the operation as soon as possible because only 13% of his liver was left functioning then.

Out of desperation and love for her ailing son, Blessie gathered up her courage and went on the streets to seek help from random people.

"Dinala ko po si Zuan mula Las Piñas papuntang Alabang tapos nakiusap po ako sa guard kung pwedeng mag-stay muna ako dun kahit ilang oras lang."

With her child on her hand and a plea to everyone to help her save her son written on a cardboard that's hanging on her neck, Blessie braved the judgmental eyes of other people.

"Sinantabi ko na po yung kahihiyan ko, kung anong sasabihin sa akin ng ibang tao hindi ko na po inisip."

But something magical happened that day, a man asked her permission to take her photo and post it on social media with her contact details and it went viral! Since then, a lot of people reached out to her to offer their help and in no time, they were able to get Zuan to India for his liver transplant and it was a success!

Team Iba Yan applauds supermom Blessie and her sacrifices and for Mother's day, they gifted her a pampering kit, a brand new laptop, lightweight stroller, and cash assistance for Zuan's follow-up check-ups among others!

Watch the full story here:


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