From "Ding ang bato!" to "Neil ang bato!": Vice Ganda wants to change this famous line if ever Angel Locsin would play Darna again!

Angel Locsin will always be associated with Darna. No matter how long it's been since she donned the iconic costume, she will always embody Filipino's most loved superhero. Her unforgettable portrayal as Darna way back 2005 definitely has something to do with it but what made her as the representation of the real-life Darna is her benevolence and how she helped other people like what a hero would do.

The newest version of Darna is in the works and the casting have been finalized but before that, people have been clamoring for Angel Locsin to pick up the mantle and fly once more as the iconic superhero. Though the actress said with finality that she won't reprise the role because of her back injury, people are still hopeful that one day, she'll be flying as Darna again.

Even her friends in the biz still see her as Darna. Vice Ganda for instance just recently mentioned Angel Locsin as the living Darna on its showtime during the kwentuhan segment at Tawag ng Tanghalan.

"Pero ang pinakasikat sa 'ting ano [superhero] si Darna. I love Darna. Angel Locsin diba? She is the living Darna."

Of course being the unkaboggable and funniest there is, Vice has managed to make a funny punchline on the said topic.

"Diba may batang maliit don? papalitan na si Ding, si Neil na. "Neil ang bato! Darna!"

All jokes aside, Neil Arce has definitely become Angel Locsin's "Ding". With everything that the actress has done amidst the pandemic, Neil Arce is always by her side no matter what and no matter where their project would lead them. He has always been there supporting and taking good care of our Darna.

Angel Locsin is indeed the living Darna. Though we may never see her don the iconic costume ever again, there's nothing better than seeing her in action ready to rescue those who are in need.

Source: Instagram


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