Angel Locsin, recognized as one of the Most Promising Leaders of this Generation at the 2021 MEGA Fashion Awards!

Angel Locsin has always been the hero we all need. At times of distress, she is always one of the first ones to make a move and help others. Her humanitarian efforts or her urge to help others isn't just a one time thing, we have witnessed how she spearhead initiatives that will benefit various causes and will help victims of natural and man-made calamities and more so in this time of pandemic.

Not so long ago, Angel Locsin was included in the Forbes Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy and was recognized by Generation T Asia as one of Gen.T Leaders of Tomorrow and just recently, she was once again recognized for her benevolence, compassion for others and how she uses her influence and platform at the 2021 MEGA Fashion Awards as one of the Most Promising Leaders of this Generation!

Angel Locsin is a very well-known actress no doubt, her followers on various social media platforms that sums up to over 40M is one solid proof that she is one of the most influential personality in the country.

But she is not just one to influence others to buy a product or support her projects, she uses her platform to give voice to the unheard and talk about certain issues that, even though others may disagree with her, she stands by her words and fight for it.

We first knew Angel Locsin through her shows on TV and on the big screen and as the years go by, she did not just become one of the most loved personality in the biz, she also became one of the most influential people who lead by example and who is definitely worth emulating!

Congratulations Angel! We are so proud of you!

Source: Instagram

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