Angel Locsin reads an excerpt from the movie “Himala” starring superstar Nora Aunor!

“Himala” is one of those classic movies that can never be forgotten. This movie has cemented Nora Aunor’s legacy as today’s “superstar”. This 1982 Filipino Drama Film has won numerous awards and distinctions in the Philippines and abroad.

It has been decades since the movie premiered and the iconic line from the movie still resonate even to younger generations. It was oftentimes used and referenced to sometimes during school plays or even in normal conversations but no one can give justice to the iconic line aside from Ms. Nora Aunor herself or so we thought.

On May 31, 2009, Angel Locsin was tapped to read an excerpt from the screenplay at the book launch of “Si Tatang at Mga Himala ng Ating Panahon” Special Edition written by Mr. Ricky Lee which took place at Powerbooks SM Megamall. People who attended the book launch was able to record her performance and a Youtube user who goes by the name mapangaruy couldn’t help but share it to the public.

The reading started with Elsa’s conversation with her adoptive mother Aling Saling where she expressed how bothered she was with all the struggles their community is going through. Angel Locsin delivered every line full of emotions and with conviction that definitely gave justice to the original screenplay. Though she was just reading the excerpt, she did not fail to make the audience feel the emotions Elsa is going through. What’s really amazing about this performance is how she veers away on how the Superstar delivered the famous line “Walang Himala!”, she added her own touch to it and it was perfect!

The uploader then revealed that though was not captured on the video, Angel excused herself before reading the excerpt saying that there’s only one Superstar Nora Aunor and she can’t and doesn’t have any intention of outdoing her. He further adds that as per Mr. Ricky Lee, the idea for Angel to do such a difficult task has long been conceptualized.

Watch the full video here:

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