Angel Locsin, one of the local actresses with the most Best Actress wins since 2000!

Just recently, LionhearTV listed local actresses who have the most number of Best Actress wins from five biggest award giving bodies in the country namely: FAMAS, Urian, Luna, PMPC Star Awards, Young Critics Circle, and Metro Manila Film Festival from 2000 to 2020.

All these actresses gave an impeccable performance as they give life to characters who are now part of our Pop Culture and with 4 Best Actress wins from the above mentioned institutions, Angel Locsin made the cut!

For the past two decades, we have seen how Angel Locsin grew as an actor. She has portrayed a lot of challenging roles with conflicted storylines and two of them are very well-remembered not only because of the plot but also because she has shown an incredibly brilliant performance that earned her best actress awards and made her one of the local actresses with the most Best Actress wins since 2000!

“From 2000 to 2020” that’s two decades which is a long time and in that said timeframe, Angel Locsin has done 6 movies under Star Cinema and 5 movies under GMA films. The actress started getting the attention of the critics in her role Cedes in the 2011 film “In The Name of Love” alongside Mr. Aga Muhlach directed by Olivia Lamasan.

She has portrayed the role with so much intensity and has played Cedes in the best way possible and her performance earned her a Best Actress trophy from PMPC Star Awards!

The following year, Locsin once again surprised everyone with her performance as Grace in the movie “One More Try.” Her portrayal as a doting mother who’s willing to do about anything to save her child earned her not one but three Best Actress Awards! She won Best Actress trophy from PMPC Star Awards, won her first FAMAS Best Actress award in 2012, and her first Luna Award in 2013.

Angel Locsin is without a doubt one of the best if not the best actress of her generation and these four best actress awards are indeed on the top shelf of the countless awards that she received from other award giving bodies for the past two decades!

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