Alyanna Angeles shares why and how her aunt Angel Locsin inspires her!

Angel Locsin is one of the most admired personalities in the country. Her millions of followers in various social media platforms speaks a lot about how she influence others and inspires people. Her impressive filmography definitely has something to do about that but what drew people closer to her is her benevolence, her generosity and her genuine kindness.

One person who just recently shared that Angel Locsin inspires her is none other than her niece and actress Alyanna Angeles. Alyanna is a former child-star who grew up to be a beautiful young lady and is now part of Squad Plus and the series Huwag Kang Mangamba. On one of her interviews, Alyanna shared that she looks up to her tita Angel not only for her acting but also because of her humility and everything that she's done to help others.

“I really look up to tita Angel kasi sa lahat ng strengths niya, sa advocacies niya, and super matulungin sa tao. Di ba sinasabi nila na she’s a real life hero. So gusto ko rin marating siyempre yung magaling sa acting. I don’t look up to her as someone I want to copy, parang inspiration. I like the way she acts and how she has her feet on the ground pa rin. How she has a good heart despite kung sino na siya ngayon. And gusto ko rin na magaling siya mag-acting."

Alyanna also shared that Angel also inspired her to do her own charity works in the future and would like to talk to her about it to educate herself “I think I would like to talk to her more about that because I have to educate myself more. I’m still young. So maybe in the future I would also consider doing that."

When it comes to her career and acting, Alyanna shared that Angel Locsin reminds her to be herself and keep her feet on the ground.

“Honestly si tita Angel talaga is who I really look up to. She’s been giving me advice naman to just really be myself and to keep my feet on the ground,”

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