5 fun facts you may not know about Angel Locsin!

Angel Locsin have been in the industry for more than a decade now. She has done a lot of movies and series and along with these projects are hundreds of guesting and interviews where she sometimes gets personal and share a tad bit information about herself. Before social media became a thing, these interviews are the only way for the fans to get to know more about their faves.

If you are an avid fan, you probably know everything there is to know about Angel Locsin: her favorite color, food, role, project, and the likes but did you know that she has a hidden talent? or that she loves ice cream and cleaning? That's what she revealed in a past interview while on the set of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 6.

When asked to reveal 5 things fans may not know about her, Angel Locsin revealed her hidden talent -- her tongue can reach the tip of her nose!

Another fun fact that the actress shared is that she loves wearing superhero costume when she was younger no wonder she ended up donning the iconic superhero costume Darna for a role which made her one of the well-known personalities to portray such legendary character.

Angel Locsin also revealed that she is a home buddy. She loves staying at home, binging her favorite shows on Netflix. She also loves cleaning. Most of us would dread cleaning but not her, she loves cleaning in fact she shared on one of her interviews a story that happened a long time ago when she travelled from QC to a friend's place to help her pack her luggage just because she wanted to.

Lastly, the actress revealed that she loves ice cream, I mean who wouldn't? Especially in this type of weather.

We all know Angel Locsin as someone who has a genuine and kindhearted heart that's why people love her dearly and these 5 fun facts will definitely make you love her even more!

Source: Instagram


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