"We stand by her and thank her for being a shining example of generosity, accountability, and compassion" ABS-CBN to Angel Locsin

What happened to the community pantry initiated by Angel Locsin to celebrate her birthday is all over the internet. It has been the hottest topic and headlines on social and mainstream media.

What's supposed to be a day of celebration became a really sad day for the family of Tatay Rolando and for Angel Locsin herself. Tatay Rolando, 67, collapsed while waiting in line, He was rushed to the nearest hospital but unfortunately, he didn't make it. The actress immediately took responsibility of what happened and apologized to the public and to Tatay Rolando's family.

With this being a really sensitive issue and Angel being one of the target of the naysayers, she was immediately bombarded with criticisms. There are some who are blaming her for what happened and crucifying her for something that no one could possibly predicted will happen.

With the tide of people bad mouthing the actress is the surge of support from those who believe in her generosity and genuine kindness.

Just recently, ABS-CBN released a public statement expressing their support to the actress.

"ABS-CBN believes in the goodness of the heart of our Kapamilya Angel Locsin, who in her personal capacity has tirelessly helped our countrymen in times of crisis.

We admire her commitment to continue serving the Filipino people with selfless dedication and love.

We stand by her and thank her for being a shining example of generosity, accountability, and compassion"

Angel Locsin is known for her generosity and compassion. A lot of people who have experienced how generous she really is in real life can back this claim and prove that everything that she's doing is out of sheer compassion. This set back will not and should not change the fact that she has done so much and went above and beyond what's expected of her to help other people all the time.

Source: Twitter


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