#EncountersWithAnAngel: “Pinakyaw mo ang buong paninda ni manong magtataho para ipamigay sa buong cast and crew natin noon”

Every time the country suffers from a massive calamity/crisis, people come together to help one another. That’s how our bayanihan spirit works and most often than not, one name always stands out during these times, our real-life Angel, Angel Locsin.

Angel Locsin’s grand gestures don’t go unnoticed whenever our country is in distress. I mean, it’s Angel Locsin, no one could possibly stop themselves from taking a photo of the actress during her relief efforts and share it online.

But what we don’t know is behind all these humanitarian efforts done in big scale shared online is a lot of untold, unpublished acts of kindness that the actress preferred to be kept secret. But those people who have been at the receiving end of Angel’s kindness can’t help but share their stories especially at times when people are trying to bring her down.

In light of the recent events and the criticisms following the actress after the community pantry incident, people who have witnessed how kindhearted and genuine Angel Locsin really is came forward to share how the actress touched their lives.

A facebook user Twinx Morningstar share on her account a memory with Angel Locsin way back 2007 when she was taping her first ever MMK episode “Pilat”.

“Mare, I still remember these days when we were shooting MMK in 2007. Pinakyaw mo ang buong paninda ni manong magtataho para ipamigay sa buong cast and crew natin noon. 36 hours straight wala tayong tulugan sa taping from Manila to Bulacan, back and forth. Pero ni isang saglit, hindi umiinit ulo mo. Sobrang bait mo pa rin. Tuloy ang aura!” she wrote.

This happened 14 years ago and it is amazing how what the netizen shared still holds true until now; that Angel Locsin still is and will always be one of the kindest and most generous person you’ll ever meet.

Source: Facebook


  1. sn makarating din ang tuling n miss angel dto s amin


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