Dimples Romana, Vice Ganda, Iza Calzado and other celebrities show support to Angel Locsin amid community pantry incident.

On what should have been a day of celebration became a day of mourning to Tatay Rolando’s family and also to Angel Locsin.

With the intention of helping others, Angel Locsin decided to put-up her own community pantry on her birthday. Hundreds of people lined-up and waited for their turn. But things did not turn out the way it’s supposed to, unfortunately there had been a casualty that no one could have possibly known would happen. Tatay Rolando, 67, who was reported to be waiting in line since 3:00AM that day collapsed and was unfortunately pronounced dead shortly after.

Angel Locsin immediately took responsibility for what happened and issued a statement on her social media accounts. On the video she posted on her Instagram account, the actress was not able to hold back her tears and was very emotional and apologetic especially to Tatay Rolando’s family.

Evethough what happened to Tatay Rolando was no one’s fault, Angel Locsin still took the blame. On her post the actress wrote “Habang buhay po akong hihingi na patawad sa kanila” referring to Tatay’s family.

With all these, Angel Locsin’s friends in the industry whom she worked closely and know who she really is rally behind the actress and express their support on social media.

“God sees your beautiful heart and its pure intentions. Mahigpit na yakap Gel! We will pray for Tatay and his family” says Vice Ganda

Angel Locsin’s longtime bestfriend also express her support to the actress “Mars, we love you. The Lord knows your heart. We know it. We love you very much. Praying for Tatay and his family. Our family rosaries will be for you and Tatay’s family.”

Iza Calzado wrote “We know your heart and that your intentions are good. Praying for Tatay and his family. Mahigpit na yakap sa inyong lahat.”

Angel Locsin has been helping others for more than a decade now. She has the most generous and kindhearted heart. The way she handled and took responsibility and accountability of what happened during the community pantry she organized only reflects how empathic and compassionate she really is.

Source: lionheartv.net

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