British Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce thanks Angel Locsin for a great discussion on gender equality!

Gender equality is a sensitive and important topic that should be discussed more. No matter how forward and accepting our society is in this day and age, we still see people, mostly women, being judged and discriminated because of gender. Whether we admit it or not, women still fight for gender equality everyday. Because of all these, we see how strong women are, standing up for their rights and speaking up against injustices just like one woman we know — Angel Locsin.

In celebration of Women’s month, Angel Locsin showed her support to every strong, independent women out there. On her instagram account, the actress wrote “In commemoration of the long struggle for gender equality which paved way to the International Women's Day, I stand with pride as we celebrate womanhood and empowerment”

Aside from being vocal about the matter, the actress also shared her thoughts on gender equality and commitment to protecting the environment through a digital discussion with the British ambassador to the Philippines Mr. Daniel Pruce.

On his twitter account, Mr. Pruce expressed his gratitude to the actress for lending her time to talk about gender equality “Thank you @143redangel for a great discussion on gender equality in the Philippines as we mark International Women’s Month. Also inspiring to hear your commitment to protecting the environment as we prepare for #COP26.”

Angel Locsin immediately returned his tweet and thanked the ambassador “It was an interesting night and we learned so much about your work and advocacies. Many thanks for all that you do for the Filipino people, ambassador @DanielPruce”

Angel Locsin is indeed one inspiring woman. From the ups and downs of her career and personal life, to the stories she’s heard from the people she met, she certainly does have the wisdom we can live by. She’s without a doubt a clear representation of one strong independent woman!

Source: Twitter

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