“Batang salingkit”! A trip down memory lane on Angel Locsin’s childhood!

Angel Locsin or Angelica Colmenares in real-life was once an ordinary schoolgirl who was a part of Philippine swimming team and has no slight idea that she will end up joining showbusiness.

At present, she is very well-known because of the characters she portrayed, her advocacies and the causes she supports. Her teleseryes and movies amassed a huge success that made her one of the most awarded actresses of her generation earning accolades both locally and internationally.

Before Angel Locsin stepped into the limelight, she is an ordinary schoolgirl who was able to experience simple things that most of us experienced.

On some of her interviews, the actress shared some of her childhood memories with her family. She also shared how she always tag along with her sister when they were young and on her recent Instagram post, it showed a young Angel who’s not even a teenager yet, joining a parade with her sister on the streets of Area 8. She seemed to be the youngest among all the girls that were photographed and based on the hashtags on her post, it is safe to conclude that she’s not officially a part of the squad.

This photo she posted gave us a glimpse of her childhood and after more than 15 years in the industry, from being just a “Batang Salingkit” Angel Locsin has achieved milestones and made records to beat!

Her name screams the word “iconic.” From a little girl who loves swimming and dreamt of helping her family to a superstar who inspires thousands or even millions of people.

Source: Instagram


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