Tried an online dating app? Bea Alonzo and Angel Locsin plays 'Never Have I Ever'!

Have you ever cheated on an exam? tried dating app? lost your passport abroad? or missed a flight? These are just some of the questions Angel Locsin answered on a video uploaded on Bea Alonzo's youtube channel as they play 'Never Have I Ever'. Their fun game turned out to be a revelation game as it revealed few unknown and fun facts about these two queens!

Like most of us, Angel and Bea were once students who were tempted to cheat on an exam and as what both of them shared, it was a group effort -- the whole class is in on it!

Another question that came up is if they have damaged any props or set, Bea said she haven't, Angel on the other hand is guilty of damaging props in some of her projects while taping fight scenes on some of her teleseryes.

Being an actress takes more than just being able to act and convey emotions, they also have to memorize tons of lines from hundred pages of scripts. Behind the well made movies and TV shows are actors who persevere to memorize their lines for the director and their co-actors but like anyone of us, they sometimes forget their lines.

When asked if they have ever forgotten their line during an important scene, Angel Locsin shared that one time she forgot her lines while sharing the scene with Ms. Lorna Tolentino in Mano Po 5. They may have forgotten their lines sometimes but they both are professionals when it comes to their work as they never have missed a taping to go on a date.

Angel Locsin also shared that she once tried online dating app, not to find someone to date but to help a friend who suspects that her significant other is cheating.

'Never Have I Ever' is a fun game with the right questions. This 17min. video revealed some interesting facts about Angel Locsin that was never discussed on interviews and TV guestings!

Watch the video here:


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